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Acacia Class

Acacia Class

By Pietra and Deborah


It's been an exciting start to 2020 in Acacia Class.  We have a new teacher - Miss Jones - who will be with us three days a week, joining Mrs. Clarke. 


Our new addition is a great devotee of keep-fit and yoga and she will be leading some sensational new lessons to propel us into this new decade.


In just a few short weeks, Miss Jones has taught us how to be patient, calm, relaxed and enjoy ourselves. We are very excited to learn more about yoga with her as our mentor. She is certainly inspirational!


Our English lessons this term, feature an amazing contraption, designed to transform even the grumpiest teacher's mood. We are proud to introduce the "Teacher Pleaser" and by the time we have finished this great piece of work, there won't be a single teacher at Buckingham who doesn't have a big smile on their face!


When this work is completed we will begin studying "Shackleton's Journey" by William Grill which serves as a fitting memorial to Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated attempt to cross Antarctica in 1914-16. 


‚ÄčAs you know, Mrs. Clarke is an artistic genius and this term we will be studying the environment and producing paintings based on the work of local artists including Christian Furr.


In Science we are learning about  the human body and how it functions.  Did you know that if you clench your hand into the shape of a fist, it is almost the same size as your heart. Hard to believe that something so small has so much power.  Also, if you stretched out all the blood cells in your body, they could travel round the world twice.  Amazing!


We have a trip to look forward to in the second half of the term, when we will set off for Lavender Hill Magistrates' Court to learn  how the British legal system works. We will be taking part in a mock trial and even get to find out what life is like in the prison cells under the court.


 Overall it's an action-packed term that we intend to enjoy. 


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