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Acacia Class

During year 6, we have been pushing ourselves to the limit for our stiff SATS with the help of our teacher, Miss Khanderia.  However, it’s finally over!

Throughout the week everyone was assessed in: Maths (Mental Math, paper A and paper B) reading and grammar,  spelling and punctuation (short answers and a spelling test). Fortunately some of us were not eligible to take the tough level 6 papers - they were hard!

Despite the fact we had SATS, we had great fun in other subjects such as Art. With the help of our astounding Art teacher, Mrs. Clarke, we were able to create a series of lily pads by Monet.  The experience was wonderful. (Ishita)


“I saw the beauty of water mixed in with paint as we used so many smooth techniques” said Ruhul Amin Ahmed.


This is what Amber had to say about our art lessons –

In Art, we painted lily pads. They were originally painted by Monet. We had to do a wash first so that we could paint out lily pads a nice vibrant colour. While we were painting out lily pads, we had a mixing paper where we could test our colours to see if it was the right colour we wanted. We were also allowed to create a very eye catching background so that whoever sees it would want to pick it up. When painting it we were very much encouraged by others.