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Aspen Class

Aspen Class

This year our teachers are Mr Phipps and Mr Smith and our teaching assistant is Miss Riley


We will be kicking off our autumn term in English by exploring texts by the author Michael Morpurgo. We have started studying ‘The Butterfly Lion’ and the children will be writing diary entries, letters, descriptions and a writing a non-fiction report linked to its themes and characters.


In Maths this term, we are focusing on place value and formal methods of calculating the four operations. Also we are exploring the many different ways of representing numbers up to 1,000,000 including Roman Numerals. Knowing our times tables is also important and there will be many tournaments and challenges in class and across the year group on Times Tables Rock Stars.


Our Area of Study this term is the Anglo-Saxons, where we will explore who they were and where they came from, as well as the reasons behind their arrival in Britain. We will identify differences between invaders and settlers as well as the impact settlers had on where we live today.


There will be a focus on reading this term with the expectation that children read every night. We encourage children to read to an adult so that children can discuss their thoughts and ideas about the plot, themes and characters. Reading aloud is also a great skill for children to have. The more they read aloud, the more confident and fluent they will become. We have some fantastic books in our Year Five library including, classic and modern novels, graphics novels and poetry.


We are looking forward to a fantastic autumn term.