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Welcome to Aspen Class’ Webpage! Our teacher is Miss Burgess and our teaching assistant is Mrs Cole who teaches us on Tuesday afternoons.


We have almost come to the end of Ted Hughes’ gripping tale, The Iron Woman. Previously, we read the haunting poem, The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. You can listen to our class reading this on Buckingham Buzz or read our alternative endings at:




In Science we have been learning about changing state. We recently mixed a range of solids into water to investigate whether they would dissolve. We tested coffee, gravy, curry powder, salt, sand and brown and white sugar. We found that most of the ingredients made the water turn cloudy. This is called suspension (where the solid does not completely dissolve).


As you can see from our photo, in ICT we have be learning about control using our friendly robotic roamers. Each group were set with the challenge of instructing the floor turtle to draw a regular shape. We had to think very carefully about our angles!


In Humanities, we are currently learning about the Tudors. We were shocked to find out that Henry VII was not in line to the throne. Instead, it was his brother but he sadly died. After which, Henry VIII married his brother’s wife and became King of England. The children in Year 5 are looking forward to our upcoming trip to Hampton Court Palace.