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Beech Class

Welcome to Beech Class!
Our teachers are Miss. Morris and Mrs. Parker.
Our class mascot is Rory. He comes from Ireland. Every Friday our 'Star of the Week' takes him home for the weekend. We enjoy capturing the adventures that we have with Rory in his diary and sharing them with each other.
Our topic for this term is ‘Growing’.  In Science we are carrying out an investigation to find out what plants need to grow.  We made sure to carry out a fair test by planting each of our four Sunflower seeds in pots which are the same size, and by giving each of them the same amount of soil. We placed two seeds in the light, one with water and one without, and two in the dark, one with water and one without.  We have been recording our observations in our seed diaries.  We have been having great fun planting and looking after a range of vegetables in our outdoor area. They will soon be ready to eat! We are very excited to learn more about growing when we visit Wisely Botanical Garden at the end of the term.
In Maths we have been adding coins together to make different amounts and subtracting them from a total to find change in our Garden Centre role play area.
Our Geography topic is ‘Around our School’. We have been looking at maps of our local area on Google Earth and have even made our own maps which show our route to school. We have planned a route on our class map and we are looking forward to going on a class walk to identify some local landmarks.
We are 'Super Writers! In Literacy we have been using adjectives and connectives to make our sentences longer and stronger! Burglar Bill is always on the lookout for 'Super Writing' to display on our working wall.  This term we have enjoyed delving into books including the Indian traditional tale, ‘the Tiger Child’ as well as ‘the Tiny Seed’. This story describes the journey of a seed from sapling to plant and we have enjoyed retelling our own versions using story language.