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Google Meet Protocol

Google Meet Protocol


As part of our safeguarding procedures, all participants are required to agree to the following guidelines before joining a meeting.


As a safeguarding measure, all of the school’s Google Meet Class Meetings are recorded. The recordings are stored on a secure drive in the Buckingham Primary School domain, in case they need to be reviewed.


Guidelines for joining a ‘Google Meet’

Parents/carers should go through the requirements, as shown below, with your child/ren and then to tick the permission box on Scopay to indicate your agreement.


By ticking this box, you are confirming that you have discussed the requirements for a Google Meet with your child and that s/he understands them.


If you have more than one child in the school, it is only necessary to tick this box once, as this indicates your family’s agreement to the guidelines shown below.


  • When active in Google Meet, pupils may use their device’s camera to make themselves visible.


  • The meeting should take place in an appropriate area, ideally not in a bedroom.


  • The background should, if possible, be neutral, for example, a blank wall.


  • Pupils should be wearing appropriate clothing - no pyjamas!


  • Pupils should behave as if they are in the classroom.


  • They should mute the microphone until it is their time to speak. This will eliminate background noise for all.


  • Pupils are expected to show respect for other participants by being kind, using appropriate language, co-operating with others and sharing screen-time.


  • If parents/carers, siblings or other family members are unavoidably in view, they must be wearing appropriate clothes and should not make comments or try to join the meeting in any way.


  • Recording or the taking of any kind of images of the meeting by parents, carers or others is prohibited.


Finally, for data protection and identity reasons, please note that children must using their own Google Log-in when entering a meeting.


Thank you