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Hazel Class

Welcome to Hazel Class


In Hazel class, we are looking forward to our first term in Year Three! We are working together as a class to create a very supportive and a fun learning environment for each other.


This term, we are looking forward to learning how to write a setting description based on a short animation, ‘Dreamgiver’ and are working towards including the first person voice. In Maths, we are to challenging ourselves and are learning to recognise the place value of each digit in a three-digit number, to compare these numbers up to 1000 and to add and subtract these numbers mentally. We will also be learning about the historical development of human civilisation through our study of the Stone Age in our History lessons, and we hope to gain an understanding into the differences between life thousands of years ago and life today! In Science, we are learning about different types of rocks and their uses, which will help also us in our History Unit. ‚ÄčP.E. will include Athletics and building stamina.

 Hazel class has already shown resilience and enthusiasm when it comes to learning, and we hope to continue to do so throughout the year.