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Welcome to Juniper Class Page.

We have really enjoyed our first term in Year Three. We have learnt lots of exciting new things and look forward to learning even more this term.  


In Geography, are going to be studying rivers. We will look at rivers around the world, the water cycle and different types of rivers and their features.  


In English, we are using the short film ‘Home Sweet Home’ to create setting descriptions and playscripts. We will also be reading ‘The Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells, where we will write a Kennings poem and a narrative description.


In Maths, we are beginning to look at column multiplication and we will also cover adding and subtracting money and interpreting bar charts and pictograms. 


In Science, we are continuing our topic ‘Animals including Humans’.  We have looked at different food groups and different types of nutrients. We have also learnt about different types of skeletons and the names of bones. Next, we are looking at different joints and muscles. After this, we will start our new Science topic, ‘Plants’.


We have been really focused on our learning so far in Year Three and we are going to keep up the hard work and fantastic attitude to learning this term!