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Laurel Class

Welcome to Laurel Class!

We have an exciting year ahead of us in Year 4 as the children are being introduced to new topics and literature.

Our new English topic this term will be reading and evaluating the works of Ted Hughes’ ‘The Iron Man’. The focus shall be to discuss themes within the text, consider the author’s unique style of writer’s voice and create our own writing based on this stylistic approach.

Our History topic this term is the Ancient Greeks! The key skills the children will be developing in this topic will be reading timelines, investigative skills and evaluation of primary and secondary evidence in order to draw conclusions about the past. The children will be taught about the legacies from this ancient civilisation- maverick mathematicians and Ancient Greek traditions which have stood the test of time!

In Science, the children will be learning about the functions of the human digestive system, classification and taxology.

Our Art this term will be studying the works of Henry Moore – a renowned World War 2 artist.

Reading is a huge focus here at Buckingham and it is important that children are encouraged to read daily with adult support. Reading dairies need to be signed and are checked weekly by the class teacher on Mondays.

Mathletics tasks are set every week on a Thursday.

Spelling tests are every Tuesday.

Laurel Class PE days are Monday (Indoor- OAA team building skills) and Friday (Outdoor - Football)

Times tables are practised in class on a regular basis and it is encouraged that the children also practise these at home.