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Welcome to Magnolia Class SEN Unit

SEN Class Teacher: Claire Capper

Teaching Assistants: Emma Marsh, Debbie Hook, Rosie Skilbeck and Cristina Beadle.

Hello and welcome to Magnolia Class SEN Unit. We are a Special Educational Needs Provision part of the main school at Buckingham Primary School for children with severe to moderate learning difficulties.  The Magnolia Class is an Observation and Assessment Provision and is located in the Early Years playground, which it shares with the Nursery and the Reception classes.


We have had a brilliant start to the New Year and would like to welcome a new TA Cristina Beadle. I am the new SEN Class Teacher Claire Capper, an SEN teacher who is passionate about working with children with Special Educational Needs and experienced working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and a variety of SEN Needs.



The needs of the children in the Unit range from:

Magnolia Class is a provision for children with severe and complex learning disorders and accompanying communication difficulties. Many of the children have Autistic Spectrum Condition and all have severe language delay. Many have Global Development Delay, Speech and Language difficulties, severe delay in receptive and expressive language skills, difficulties with attention and concentration, motor skills, self help skills, sensory processing and social communication difficulties for interaction and we have one boy with Cerebral Palsy.

The provision caters for 8 children.



Magnolia Class is made up of a team of 1 teacher and the equivalent of 2 teaching assistants.  Currently there are 2 full time teaching assistants and another 3rd teaching assistant who provides 1:2:1 to a boy for 20 hours a week. Two of the full time assistants is also a fully trained first aider.  All the adults use Makaton signing and 2 of the adults are trained in Team Teach, a positive restraining programme used with children. 

As you can see from our class photos, we are a lively bunch who work hard to deliver learning sessions to meet the needs of every child in the SEN Unit. We are currently working very hard to develop PECs the (Picture Exchange Communication) system in and out of the classroom.


Speech and Language Therapy

We have a Speech and Language Therapist Shalmoi Suriakumar who works in the classroom for two days a week from 9am-2pm on Monday and Thursday.  Therapy is delivered on a one to one basis, in small groups or whole class based.


Occupational Therapy

We have a Occupational Therapist Caroline Symonds who works in the classroom for half a day a week on Thursday from 1-3pm. Therapy is delivered on a one to one basis in the quiet room in the classroom.


Music Therapy

Richmond Music Trust provides music therapy on a one to one basis and takes place in the quiet room in the classroom with Jin Goh from 9am – 12pm on Tuesdays.



Strathmore School has provided us with some fantastic outreach programmes. The outreach programme has provided training in, Tac Pac (a Tactile Approach system which provides specific children with a tactile calming approach), PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), Intensive Interaction and Makaton, a unique language programme using signs for children with communication needs associate with severe and moderate learning difficulties.



Daily integration takes place depending on each child’s individual needs and starts in the Autumn Term once observations and assessment have taken place.  Integration is reviewed regularly to see how much support each child needs and which class is best for his or her requirements.  Every half term the integration is developed so that support is lessened if appropriate or sessions are made longer or more frequent. 

Reception children generally integrate with the Reception Classes and Year 1 and 2 children integrate with the Year 1 classes.  Reverse integration also takes place through twice weekly assemblies with both Year 1 classes.  Once a fortnight, we also integrate into mainstream music assembly with other children in KS1.

The children integrate every day into the playgrounds for morning, lunch and afternoon play and they are developing friendships outside the classroom.


We enjoy lots of sensory input from painting, Tac Pac to nature walks around the local community. We also work very hard during ‘work time’ and take part in Literacy, Communication and Numeracy activities. We also get lots of opportunities to integrate into the main school for phonics, playtime, P.E. and assemblies. This half term our class topic has been based on ‘Animals’. Within this we have had the opportunity to visit many places of nature with the local parks. We had lots of fun!


Magnolia Class SEN Unit - Ethos

In all that we do, we focus that all the children in the Unit developing ways to communicate in class and in out of class settings.

We provide opportunities for the children to improve their independence. We do this by planning carefully for their individual learning difficulties and needs with Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) and by using clear structures and motivators for each individual child.



In all that we do with the children, we take every opportunity to celebrate their success and in the SEN Unit, we know that even the smallest of steps is an achievement for that child and is something to be celebrated, in class and at home with their parents.

Lots of fun, from Magnolia Class J