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100% Attendance for 2015/16

We were absolutely delighted to invite 44 of our pupils from Year One all the way through to Year Six to a very special outing to Richmond Theatre to the Pantomime which this year was 'Sleeping Beauty'. These children were selected because they had achieved 100% School Attendance throughout the whole of the last full academic year that ended in July 2016.


You can see how very thrilled and excited the children were as we caught them in mid-cheer as they arrived at the theatre in the first photograph included here! We can also very clearly see their 100% badges glowing in the dark in the last photograph taken as the show was about to begin.


During the show, which was excellent as always, the children received a 'Call-Out' from one of the main characters on the stage who named the school and congratulated all of our children on their great achievement. He even led a 'Happy Birthday' singing to Luci who was 9 that day and this made it even more special for us all!


Very well done to all of our 100%ers - and also to the staff members who accompanied this outing for their 100% school attendance too.

Keep it up everybody!