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Non-stop Activity Week

In the run up to half term, Year 5 & 6 took  part in an amazing week of fun packed, educational events.

We kicked  off  by competing  to be the winner of a Dragon’s Den competition where 3 very wicked, critical judges (only joking) picked the winners.  Everyone divided up into teams and dreamed up a brand new game that appealed to 6-8 year olds.

Winners were Ned Casey’s team with their “Alpha Betty Spaghetti” – a game designed to help children learn their alphabet and words.  Well done everyone!

The fun continued when we were asked to design our own Theme Parks with a budget of £750,000!  WOW!

We also wrote, produced and performed our own plays complete with posters; made Play dough from a special recipe; designed our own T- shirts and learned all about spread sheets from Mr Phipps!

“We have had a fantastic time, especially making play dough! “ Ned from Year 6, Redwood class.

“It was fun, exciting and I didn’t know it would be such fun! “Leanne Krishna from Year 5, Aspen

“It has been an extraordinary experience! “André  Wheeler from Year 6, Acacia

And can you believe it, at the end of our fantastic week, we enjoyed our very own cinema show complete with popcorn!

By Ned Casey, Harry Parker & Pratikh Mohan.