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Science Week at Buckingham

Buckingham Primary School is having a wonderful week because it is Science Week. All around the school the children have been doing different science projects.

In Year 6, we have been learning about medicine and and particularly micro-organisms. These are tiny living creatures; some are harmful and some are beneficial. The harmful micro-organisms could make you very ill or some could even kill you e.g., viruses such as influenza. Helpful miro-organisms, such as some bacteria, help in our digestion.

The Science Show for Year 5 and 6 used many different props; a laser pen, a sphere with an electrical current which if you put your hand near, it will follow your hand. There was a long strip light and when the presenter put it near the sphere, the light turned on. On the other end of the long strip light, the light wasn't on because the energy was going through her hand and down her body to the floor.

When the presenter was finished with the electrical sphere, she warned us not to use a laser pen to shine in someone's eye as you could blind them. Then she moved on to show us loads of lasers just in one machine that she used amuse her cats. They thought it was a mouse!

Science Week is a good way of learning about electricity and fire because you wouldn't be able to do it in your house or in a small place.

Jamie, Redwood Class.