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'Bug Club' is a fantastic, school-wide online reading scheme aimed to provide both breadth and depth for our pupils. Teachers allocate books for pupils to read at their level and every text comes accompanied by various questions targeting specific reading skills; the exact same ones we work on in school. So the more our pupils practise on Bug Club, the more confident they will be in tackling tests and the greater their progress will be!


Teachers will be able to monitor how often their students are accessing Bug Club, how many questions they have answered, and how many attempts a child has made to get the correct answer - so any rushing or sloppy mistakes will be flagged!


Parents and carers, we urge you to encourage your children to make as much use of this wonderful resource as possible - the positive impact it will have on their thirst for reading, stamina and comprehension skills will be tremendous.


Log in following the link below using our school code (9pwm) and then your child's personal username and password (which their teacher will be able to provide if it's been forgotten).




Miss Walker

Phase Leader



We have introduced the online maths learning program ‘Mathletics’ here at Buckingham and your child will have access to Mathletics at both home and school through a given unique username and password.
We recommend that you spend time looking at the program with your child to explore how Mathletics will benefit his or her learning.

As a parent or guardian, you can also sign up to the Mathletics Family Centre. This will give you access to the learning content your child is following, and information regarding his or her progress within Mathletics.

To register for this service, you will need your child’s username and password:

To access the Mathletics Family Centre:

Further information and guides on Mathletics can be found under Help in the Mathletics Family Centre.

Mr Phipps

Maths Leader

Information Sesision about Bug Club and Mathletics