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Parent/Carer Teacher Association

Buckingham Primary School Parent/Carer Teacher Association


In case you are wondering what the PTA does and who we are here is a little bit of information.


So what does the PTA do?

All parents and carers are automatically members of the Parent/Carer Teacher Association.

We have an elected committee and we meet up monthly to discuss fund raising for the school and then discuss a variety of ideas as to how school should spend the money raised.

The committee and other members then give their time to plan and organise all the events such as the cake sales, discos and the summer fair! 


The meetings are quite relaxed and very much open to all. We share ideas for raising money.

All ideas and suggestions are welcome.

If you cannot make the meetings, you can be put on the email list and add your input that way.


How much have you raised?

Last year we raised just over £12,000 from some really fun events - cake sales, raffles, discos, uniform sales, the ever popular sponsored walk and the summer fair.



What does the money go to?

The previous purchases of playground markings for all three Key Stages (Early Years, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two) have been very successful and are really enjoyed on a daily basis by the children. 

Other expenditure included Year Six Leaver Book, contribution to refurbishment of school libraries and commitment to purchase LearnPads


We bought pencils and biscuits for the children to celebrate The Queen’s birthday and chocolate lollipops at Easter.


We are currently working on purchasing all weather shades for the playground.

Next year we are hoping to get working on a pond and nature area and the possibility of a whole school outing to the seaside in the summer.


Any ideas for ways to spend the money raised, to benefit all of our fabulous children (and the staff!)  would be welcome at any of the meetings. Please pop along and let us know what you think it should go towards! 


Equally if you have any amazing fund raising ideas, especially for something new and exciting please get in touch! You can email us via the office - attention of PTA- info@buckingham.richmond.sch.uk


We hope to see you at one of our meetings soon.


Best Wishes

Wendy Flynn



Sponsored Walk 5th June