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Redwood Class


We are delighted to welcome everyone back to school after the summer holidays, for an exciting year of learning in Year 6. We have started the year well, with excellent progress in Grammar, Writing, Science and History, to name a few of the subjects that we have been studying. It is great to see the enthusiasm all the children in Redwood have shown to get back into the learning for the year that lies ahead.

Our class reader this term is the book Floodlands by Marcus Sedgwick, a dystopian story about a future Britain overwhelmed by water due to global sea level rises.


In Maths this term, in order to estimate and round with greater confidence, we are securing our knowledge of place value. This also enables alignment of columns in addition and subtraction, which will be the following area of focus. Negative numbers will be explored this term too.


In English, we are exploring the idea of paragraph cohesion using fronted adverbials, conjunction and paragraph linking. We are using the exciting Wedding Ghost for inspiration. Fiction (1st Person and 3rd Person) and letter writing will be the writing genres we will be developing this term.  


In Science, we will be exploring the classification system designed by Carl Linnaeus in the area of study: Living things and their habitats. In History, we are exploring the Vikings story, looking at their motivations for invading Britain and how Britain responded and evolved in the decades and centuries that followed. In Art, this term, we will be focussing on the artist Magritte, investigating  how he lived as an artist and what methods and techniques he used when painting. In Computing, we are learning about this history of consoles and how to create computer games in code.Alongside these core subjects, we are teaching PE, French, RE and Music.


It will be a very busy and exciting term!‚Äč