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Redwood Class



It has been an exciting start to the term so far in Redwood! The children have settled back into school well and have already made great progress in their learning.


Our class reader is the book Floodlands by Marcus Sedgwick, a story of a dystopian future. The protagonist is a survivor of a global rise in water level and the story follows the challenges that she faces trying to get to safety.


In Maths this term we will be exploring place value, mental strategies with the four basic operations as well as the four main formal calculation methods. In English, we are using the text Wedding Ghost to develop our Diary and Fictional writing skills. In History we will be investigating the Vikings’ invasion of Britain, whilst in Science we are studying the methods of Classification of Living Things as created by Carl Linneaus. In Art, we are using painting skill to explore the work of the artists Rene Magritte. For our hall display, we are studying the work the of the artist M.F.Hussain to create striking paintings of animals. Alongside these core subjects we are teaching PE, French, Music and Computing as well. It will be a very busy and exciting term!


All of us in Redwood are looking forward to an exciting term of learning!