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Redwood Class

When you start Year 6 you feel a bit nervous. Then you get into it and enjoy it. It’s better when you are with your friends who support you.

At the moment Redwood class is quite a small/medium class.  If we do have a new member join us we will welcome them and they will undoubtedly have new, best friends in no time at all.

SATS are ok and not nearly as bad as they seem. If you are clever enough you will be asked to do the Level 6 papers in both Literacy and Numeracy. It’s the first time we have done grammar and punctuation at that level, so we didn’t really know what to expect. All of the SATS are finished now and we are just waiting for the results.

Our teacher is very kind, funny and a Maths expert. He is always kind and never really shouts.

The subjects we study include Literacy, Maths, Art, PE and we have regular assembly and junior forum. We learn new stuff every day.

It’s great!