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Rowan Class

Welcome to Rowan Class Page. We have really enjoyed our first term in Year 4! 


We have got to know each other better, and worked to create a happy and supportive environment.


This term, we are looking forward to many new learning opportunities. In English, we have begun to read our new text - Varjak Paw and have been really intrigued by the story so far


In Maths we continue to challenge ourselves and are learning many new methods for calculation includ​ing column addition and subtraction, and short multiplication and division.


We will be learning more about the world around us through our new Geography on Mountains, and we hope to find out about mountains around the world! 


In Science we have learnt about the three different states of matter and will be conducting a number of experiments to investigate changes between states (Eg. freezing and melting).


Finally, we hope to develop our expertise in the areas of Art, PE and Music.


Rowan Class has shown that they can take on challenges and persevere with their learning, and we will continue to do so this term!