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Welcome to Rowan Class!


We have had a fantastic start to Year 4 and are looking forward to the Autumn term, where we will be learning many new things. In English, we have just begun our new text 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes and are looking forward to writing a description in the style of the author.  We are also focusing on producing neat and cursive handwriting. In Maths, we have been recapping our knowledge of place value and will begin to practise our core skills of addition and subtraction. We have also just begun our new Area of Study on the Ancient Greeks and will be learning about how life was different back in those times. In science, we have been learning about Living things and their habitats, investigating and sorting different types of vertebrates and invertebrates. Finally, we will also be developing our skill set in the foundation subjects of Music, PE, Art and PSHE. Rowan Class has shown good effort in their learning so far, and we will continue to believe, persevere and succeed through this term!​​​