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Rowan Class

Welcome to Rowan class. Our teacher is Ms Billington, our teaching assistant is Miss Aylett , and on Wednesday afternoons we are taught by Mrs Cole.

This term in literacy we have enjoyed reading The Firework Maker’s Daughter - a story about a young girl’s determination to prove herself as a firework maker. We ‘hot seated’ characters from the story to get a deeper understanding of their feelings, ideas and predicaments. We then used this knowledge and understanding to write very effective letters from the two main characters.
We have also studied Edward Tulane - a story about a lost rabbit’s miraculous journey. We highlighted Edward’s changes in attitude, as his journey progressed, through a series of diary entries.
After half term we will be putting our debating skills to good use when discussing the slums in Mumbai.

We have enjoyed playing tennis, outside on the field, during PE. For the second half of the term we are very excited to have coaches from the London Broncos in school who will be teaching us to play Rugby.

During our art lessons we have created our own batiks using flour and water as the resist. We designed our own patterns which were inspired by Indian Batiks, and we are looking forward to creating these using a wax resist.

During our Science lessons we loved creating our own working circuits. We also made a variety of switches in order to control these circuits. The electrical games and quizzes that we then designed and made were thoroughly enjoyed by us all. 

Our geography topic this term is India and we have been looking at why India is known as the Land of Contrasts. We have researched different regions of India and made a display using the information we found. We had great fun making a travel brochure telling people about the wonderful sights of India and encouraging tourists to visit. You can listen to the recording of our travel brochure on Buckingham Buzz. We hope you enjoy it!  https://www.makewav.es/story/528580/title/cometoindia#Comment

Welcome to Rowan class.
This term, we have been studying different aspects of Kenya.
Soya Soya is one of the many villages that have gone through amazing changes. A new water tap has meant that the young girls (as young as 3 and 4) no longer need to walk 20 km to the river to collect water: they can now fill their canisters using the brand new communal tap located just outside their village. This obviously takes far less time so the girls now have the freedom to go to school, and receive a much appreciated education.
The Maasai is probably one of the most famous Kenyan tribes - noted for their statuesque appearance, colourful costumes and beautiful bead work. We have been recreating the creativity of these people during our art lessons. We have been rolling coloured pieces of paper over toothpicks to create beautiful beads, and then turn them into stunning necklaces. We are looking forward to our drumming workshop that will take place later on in the term.
During our P.E. lessons, we have been working on our body balances, different kinds of rolls and sequencing. Take a look at the photographs of us in action.
Literacy - The books we have been studying this term have had a very African feel to them - complementing our geography topic. We learnt how to use contrasting connectives, when studying Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, to describe the differences between the personalities and dreams of two sisters.
Whilst reading the Village That Vanished, a story of courage and bravery, we learnt how to write scripted conversations. We wrote our stage directions in brackets to let the performers know how the lines needed to be spoken and what actions needed to be performed.
Our science topic this term is Forces. We have discussed how friction works for us, but can also work against us. We have used force meters to test the amount of friction created by different surfaces.
Maths - Problem solving can be great fun, but also very demanding. We are working on many different strategies to help us with the variety of problems that we encounter during our maths lessons. Our confidence is growing all the time.
Last term, our singing lessons resulted in a fabulous concert to parents with goose bumps all-round! Our musical education is continuing this term with keyboard lessons, provided by Amy and Anthony, as part of the Wider Opportunities Scheme. We are therefore preparing for another concert that our parents can enjoy. We will let you know how it went.