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School Development Priorities

Objective 1

To ensure that the curriculum offer and provision for our pupils successfully focuses on their mental health and well-being to enable all pupils to be resilient in continuing their learning journey after the closure period last academic year. This would include the following areas: Ethos, Nurture, 1:1 interviews, Quality of pupil teacher relationships

Agencies, PHSE, PATHS, Counselling, Communication with parents/carers, RSE – parents, MIND mental health, Attendance and Relationships with parents - strengthening links


Objective 2

Recovery curriculum is effective in addressing the gaps identified in children’s learning.

Literacy Skills – improve fluency in Reading

Greater depth in writing

To effectively utilise the Catch Up funding available to schools

White Rose recovery curriculum

Curriculum development

Predictions for Key stages, GLD and Phonics Year One and Year Two 

Remote and blended learning


Objective 3

Health and Safety – through Covid 19 restrictions and Government guidance ensure we are compliant and operating effectively and efficiently to ensure the safety of all stakeholders.


Objective 4

Well-being of staff.