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School Meals

School Dinners

We are very proud to say that Buckingham Primary School has been awarded the Gold award for its catering services. School dinners are freshly prepared and cooked on the premises by Caterlink. They provide a choice between three meals, two vegetable sides, a dessert or choice from a selection of fresh fruit or organic yoghurt.  There is also unlimited access to our salad bar, organic crusty bread, and fresh drinking water.


If your child has a specific dietary need for a medical reason then Caterlink can still provide a meal for them. Please request a form from the school office.


If you would like your child to have School dinners please contact the school office, the cost is £2.65 each day which is payable in advance.  Alternatively if you qualify for free school meals a form can be provided from the school office. All children in Reception up to and including Year Two are entitled to Universal Free School Meals.



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Packed Lunch

Alternatively you may wish to send your child with a packed lunch, like school dinners this lunchbox should contain protein rich foods like chicken, low fat starchy foods like pasta, plus vegetables, fruit and dairy products.  Sweet drinks and sugary snacks should be kept to a minimum.  It is important to choose healthier options so that children are getting important nutrients.


Here are some quick ideas for easy lunches that your child may enjoy.


Protein - Chicken, turkey, tuna, boiled eggs, lean ham, cheese and beans will all help to give your child energy and help them concentrate.


Carbohydrates – Wholemeal bread, or ‘whole white’ which contains a third wholemeal flour.  Houmous with slice carrot or cucumber is also an option.


Keep it varied – include baguettes, bagels, pitta as well as sliced bread.


Five-a day – Cherry tomato, grapes, slices of carrots and peppers all count towards your child’s five- a- day. 


Sweet treats – Fruit, dried fruit, small yoghurts and fruit smoothies give more long lasting energy than a chocolate bar.


Fizzy drinks, energy drinks, sweets and chocolate are not allowed, however snack bars with biscuit and chocolate are.


Please send your child with a drink, for example, water, or milk to keep them hydrated and help maintain focus during the day.