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Spring Term 2020

Welcome to the Year 2 Willow Class Webpage!



In Willow Class we are all ready and excited for a hard-working Spring Term in which we have many new areas of learning!


In History and Geography we will focus upon the famous explorer, Christopher Columbus. We are looking forward to learning about his voyages of exploration with his fleet of three wooden ships. It seems that at one time he sailed in the wrong direction! Of course he did not have any of the electronic equipment that we have nowadays to guide his ship. He just looked at the stars and worked out his route from their position in the sky.


Also in Geography we will be studying the world map to make sure that we can name the seven different continents and the five main oceans too. In our Class Assembly today, we focused upon Africa which is the second-largest of the continents. We have included two photographs below. 

In Computing we are going to be learning about ‘Coding’ and we will be using programmes based upon the ‘Angry Birds’. That will be exciting!


Health and Growth is the name of our new Science area of learning. In these lessons we will be discussing a healthy diet, exercise, sleep and how to keep ourselves clean and germ-free.

In RE we will find out lots of interesting information about Judaism, which is the religion of the Jewish people. We will be focusing especially upon the Torah Scrolls which are very important for the Jewish people.


Life is always busy in Willow Class. There are always such a lot of new and exciting things to learn about!