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Parents and Carer Communication

Parents/Carer Evenings

Parent-Teacher Meetings These take place on four occasions during the year: 

  • Autumn Term – Parents/carers are invited in to meet new teachers early in the term. Routines, homework, etc. are explained. These take place with year group partners wherever possible. 
  • Autumn Term – October/November. (Reception parents/carers are seen for thirty minutes). Parents/carers of Year One to Year Six are seen to discuss settling in and targets for year ahead expectations. Examples of work and levels are displayed. Home School Agreement to be signed annually by parent/carer and child. 
  • Spring Term – March. A ten-minute interview with parents/carers. Work is displayed and children’s trays are available. 
  • Summer Term – A ten-minute interview to discuss the child’s report if requested by parents/carers. 

Other meetings could well be necessary if there are any issues during the year. These will be at mutually convenient times.

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